Business Ideas for Pakistan

Do you want to start a business in Pakistan but are missing on a business idea? Consider some of the following business ideas and you might hit a jackpot:

  • Start a Software Company
Pakistan currently doesn’t really have any big software company. Part of the reason is the widespread usage and acceptance of software piracy and its products. Another is the quality competition that foreign software companies offer. These hurdles generally have hindered the growth of software companies in Pakistan. Having said this more and more companies and offices are these days looking for cheaper solutions which foreign companies cannot provide. Hence opportunities in the areas of website development, planning and maintenance software, and management and communication systems have risen and should continue to flourish.

  • Start a Consultancy Business
Immigration and educational consultants have been on the rise in the recent decade and the business is pretty much dominated by a couple of consultancy companies. Other areas to look into consultancy therefore are operations management, strategic management and IT consultancy. These areas are still less dominated and present an ideal opportunity for anyone with the right expertise and experience to enter. Foreign companies like Accenture, McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc have yet to enter Pakistan and therefore can present themselves as a threat in future.

  • Install an Automobile Manufacturing Plant
If you have capital or the backing of venture capitalists consider starting an automobile manufacturing setup. Pakistan currently has almost 13 automobile companies (foreign and domestic both) operating within its borders and most of the top manufacturing plants are of foreign companies which offer expensive products. Offering cheaper automobiles customized for the Pakistani market might be  viable option to look into.

  • Start Power Plants
Pakistan has been facing an energy crisis for quite some while now. The demand for electricity has been increasing and the supply has remained almost constant if not totally. Start multiple power plant projects and rid Pakistan of this problem. Power plants can be of various types: gas, oil, coal, wind, solar, hydal, nuclear, etc.

  • Start a Securities Company
More and more corporate offices and residential units these days are emphasing on security. Consider being a one stop for them all. Solutions ranging from pure electronic (such as security cameras and an automatic monitoring system) to security personnel can be provided. Reduce the crime rate in Pakistan while earning top money as well.

Any other ideas?

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