Online Business Ideas for Pakistan

Looking to start an online business for Pakistan but don't have ideas?

Following are some ideas to reflect on and perhaps pursue:

  • Smart Traveling
People love to find cheaper ways to travel at good quality. Same goes for Pakistanis. Make a website which identifies all travel options and compares them for areas in Pakistan. Moreover give the user the ability to buy tickets for hotels, airlines, buses and other travel companies. Additionally remember to offer travel deals to catch the attention of users. You can earn through affiliate marketing or by displaying related ads. Have a look at, and for more ideas.

  • Promote Freelancers of Pakistan
Make a website that connects Pakistani companies looking for specialized labor with workers possessing those skills. There are loads of Pakistani students and company personnel looking for work online or some part time job. Help them make an online profile and market themselves better. Some successful websites in this area are,,, and

  • Online Stores for Local Businesses
Help businesses in Pakistan promote themselves online by letting them offer their products for sale online. Try and follow's business model but customize it for Pakistan. Provide businesses an online store with their individual website having a a sub-domain name or their own separate domain name. You can earn by maintaining a portion of the transaction fee. On a similar note you can also make something similar to a customized Ebay or a Craigslist for Pakistan and earn through it. Note however that these two options have been tried by some Pakistanis before and have not been successful. 

Any other online business ideas in mind?

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