Business Ideas for Lahore

Starting a business in Lahore might seem a daunting task to some due to its notorious notion of it having cunning business dealers and consumers. That may be true but that shouldn't stop a Lahori from starting a business.

Following are some ideas for starting a business in Lahore:

  • Start a Restaurant Business
Lahoriites love good food and in most cases will pay any amount to have it. One hardly sees any eating place in Lahore close down. The key to starting such a business is to keep the competition in the surrounding localities in mind and to concentrate on what you serve. Good food quality in this case should be considered more important than other business attributes such as cost, customer service, etc.

  • Help Identify Talent 
Lahore has had a history of creating artists and you can't help but wonder that there is still more out there (talent is of course in the rest of Pakistan too and this business model can be followed elsewhere too). Become the bridge between academies and talent by acting as the middle person.  Earn money from academies for providing a talented pool of candidates. Think of this strategy similar to a recruiting agency. Moreover be very specific in the niche you select and specialize in it, be it music, dramatics or some type of sport even.

  • Start an Image Consultancy firm

People from Lahore generally love to follow trends (esp fashion) when compared to any other city in Pakistan. Take advantage of this by starting an image consultancy firm. Give tips to both men and women on their appearance, communication style and behavior. Chances are you might make a name for yourself in this relatively untested area. 

Other ideas and thoughts?

Image by Yasin
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