Business Ideas for Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Want to start a business in Islamabad or Rawalpindi?

Listed are some exciting business ideas to ponder over:

  • Start a Coffee Cafe
Let's face it, people from Islamabad and Rawalpindi don't have enough places to hang out. Cafes are a perfect place for a rendezvous. Compare the number of coffee shops in both the areas to the number in Lahore and you would be surprised. One can argue however that the population of Lahore is more than twice of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi combined (just over 3 million for both). But then again when you see people from the twin cities flock over time and time again to places like Cinepax and Hot Spot (even though they are really good), it makes you wonder. So in short start a coffee shop before Starbucks comes in and captures the market.

  • Acquire land and convert it into a Parking Building
Some areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are getting overcrowded and at times it feels you just don't have enough parking space; Blue Area and Sadar are such examples. Relieve the urban driver of his/her tension of finding an open spot for the car in return for an appropriate fee. One option could also be to provide security with the parking space since there have been some instances of mugging and stolen car parts in some areas. 

  • Facilitate Student Projects by providing cheap resources
There are loads of universities in the region and a number of them have engineering colleges. Most final year students working on their projects require cheap used resources and can't find them easily. Resources include reading material and equipment like motors, switches and other such electronic and mechanical components. Thus opening a retail outlet near such universities dedicated for such a purpose seems a plausible idea.

  • Start a Cheap Fast Food Restaurant
Islamabad is the most expensive city in Pakistan. Opening a cheap fast food restaurant in the capital city which is primarily focused on a particular market segment could potentially become a profitable business. Savor early on during its operation followed this business model but has recently swayed a bit. Being consistent with the philosophy could have paid them more. 

These are just some thoughts. Any other ideas?

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